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Fabricate, a new self-assembly textile pendant light, consists of a wire frame dressed in a tight-fitting special 3D woven fabric that cleverly adapts Jacquard type weaving to new applications.
The Fabricate lamps come in a flat pack that includes a spiral wire frame, an electrical light fitting, and the textile light shade itself. The manufacturing process behind the 3D woven textile light shades eliminates any need for cutting and sewing in order to assembly the shades. Double cloth pockets are woven into the fabric allowing unlimited possibilities in terms of patterns, shapes, sizes and colour in one single production run.
The lampshades are produced as enormous bolts of cloth that only need to be cut out. Moreover, the material can be cut in different assemblies of lights of either 1, 2 or 3 lights.
Due to launch April 2013
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ELLE Decoration International Design Award
Best in Fabric Design 2012