Three Yet One
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How does media affect the perception of an object?
'Three Yet One' is a design exhibition that explores the role different media play in shaping our understanding and perception of objects.
Co-curated by Henny van Nistelrooy for the London Design Festival, as part of the Brompton Design District, it showcases the work of twelve emergent designers working across Europe.
'Three yet one' takes as starting point Joseph Kosuth “One and Three Chairs” art piece, but rather that presenting an object from the same point of view with different media, 'Three yet one' interest is to widen the understanding of the object by showing the objects from different angles.
Engaged in a cross-disciplinary approach, a photographer and a writer are invited to describe/illustrate the products from their personal point of view.
The intention is to avoid the object-centrism often associated with design exhibitions by placing the objects within a wider cultural frame. This multi-layered representation of the products will in turn stimulate the public to create their own interpretation.
By showcasing three different points of view 'Three Yet One' offers new perspectives into contemporary notions of design.