San D
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San D is a new rug design for Milanese luxury carpet brand Illulian.
Inspired by the layering of carpets, a simple, effective interior decoration method. It can meet a variety of decorative styles, and also bring a new visual experience to the home. It is also suitable for a variety of spatial layouts, and the layering method can be changed according to site conditions. The idea of layering different carpets on top of each other was the starting point of a process creating new compositions and focussing on details such as the fringes.
The concept of San D comes from the Chinese description for Three Dimensional. Where “San" means three, referring to the seemingly three layersof carpet overlapping each other. And “D" represents dimension, emphasised by the gradient on the surface of the carpets creating an illusion of depth. When D is pronounced Di it also refers for the Chinese word for floor: Dimian and carpet: Ditan.
100% Nepalese highland Wool
Available in various sizes
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