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The Landian collection is inspired by the use of the color blue in Chinese culture. It refers to both Indigo that gave color to fabrics for centuries as well cobalt know from the iconic blue and white pottery.
The graphic design makes a visual reference to the drying process of traditional blue indigo cloth that is made in southern China. Where the Dong nationality in Guizhou hang the dyed cloth outside their houses to dry. Walking the narrow streets in their villages these long cloths, carefully hung from wooden sticks, create a playful pattern of ribbons that dress up the houses.
This image inspired the graphic patterns of these ceramics, where blue ribbons seemingly are hung from edges of the cups and bowls.
Simultaneously the design refers to the color of traditional Chinese blue and white porcelain, know for its iconic use of cobalt. The patterns take a play on the symmetry known from its traditional counterpart.
Composed of top quality bone china with contains 45% bone powder, Landian porcelain is a delicate and durable table ware set.
- Bone China porcelain
- On glaze decal